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during my professional career  I have seen several studios dominated by flashy interiors and foolish attempts to win the favor of clients at any cost.

The greater my joy is to introduce you in person to ED Studio , a modern hairdressing salon where  I have worked with family and friends for several years and  the most valuable part is you.


About us

Hairdressers belong to  to our family since time immemorial, and although the possibilities of hair care were not as diverse and advanced as they are today, I have always taken it for granted that this profession is not just a skill and a well-done craft, but especially helpfulness and a willingness to learn to communicate with people.

When I was thinking about creating  my own studio, I didn't want to start just a family business, but above all a place where the time spent with clients is much more than just  the time needed to complete the contract.

In ED Studio, I always plan the work according to your time possibilities and ideas. I like a personal approach and I don't believe in quick success.

I look forward to you,


Eva Staňková


Thanks to my years of experience, I offer  in addition to haircut and hair coloring, visage and professional makeup.  In ED Studio I use exclusively top hair and skin cosmetics of the brands Lothmann, Alcina and Redken, which you can buy separately or give  your friends and loved ones,  through gift vouchers.



Women's cut
Chemistry system
Lothmann Paris hair volume

from 580 CZK
from 320 CZK
from 100 CZK
from 600 CZK
from 670 CZK
from 990 CZK
from 615 CZK
from 900 CZK


Men's cut set


32 0 CZK
100 CZK


To company and wedding

Hairstyle exam

 from 60 0 CZK
from 600 CZK



Daily makeup
Evening and wedding makeup
Children's makeup (masks, carnivals, celebrations, birthdays)

260 CZK
360 CZK
490 CZK

Prices of services are indicative. The actual price depends on the scope of the contract.



See photos or come and see in person ...

Photo © 2017 Kamil Anis.



ED Studio is located in  quiet and pleasant environment of Zeyerova  but is  in Petřiny v  Prague 6, near the Hvězda park. Connection Tram 1, 2, 32 and Bus 108, 164, 168, 191 stop Sídliště Petřiny.


+420 724 339 025



Zeyerova alley 664/37

162 00 Prague 6

We're here for you

 9:00 - 20:00

10 : 00 - 12:00
by appointment

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